Benefits and Importance Administrative organization:

What is the administrative organization:

Management is a continuous process of guiding human elements to reach goals that are designed with minimal time, effort and cost. These patterns are used in institutions, companies, and banks. The administrative structure is often hierarchical, and the categories from the top of the administrative hierarchy are classified below.

The organization is used for many purposes in institutions so that employees know their jobs or else there is chaos within the institution. The basic condition of the organizational process is not achieving the goals. The decision-making process is the process of the administrative director to solve the problems that the institution may face. Decisions by which to achieve the objectives of the institution.

The importance and benefits of administrative organization in the administrative process:

The administrative organization has a role in making a response to the changes that occur in the vicinity of the job and the individual in which he works. Such as the correct scientific distribution of jobs available to each employee, without any personal impact on one. The proper administrative regulation also prevents duplication and redundancy in the work entrusted to staff. Gives the work of each person according to his experience, and the specialization of his studies, and the apprentice

For the scientific that he got. It defines the relationship between employees, as each employee knows his or her duties, and exchanges knowledge and information among staff with multiple competencies.

The growth of business organizations has been accompanied by great interest by management scientists and practitioners in clarifying the importance of organization as the tool that helps to increase the application of the principle of specialization and division of labor, and also the framework that shapes the form and interaction of relations and the unification of collective efforts and finally decisions at all organizational levels on her .