Our Services

Establishment and transformation of companies

Studies and procedures for transferring institutions and companies in the concerned governmental bodies of the including:


    • Establishment of national and foreign companies with the Ministry of Commerce and Investment and the Investment Authority


    • Conversion of individual enterprises to sole entrepreneurship companies


    • Converting family businesses into joint stock companies.


    • Amending establishment contracts and memorandum of association.


    • Finalizing ordinary and non-ordinary general assemblies.


In each case, our office will:


    • Prepare and implement strategies required in accordance with the standards of relevant specialists.


    • Preparing memorandum of association establishment regulations and adaptable contracts required for each company.


    • Managing application files, by completing the requirements, documents, submit them to authorities and follow-up.


Developing feasibility studies

The initial stage of each project is the preparation of a feasibility study. In this field, our office is distinguished in using the latest modern methods that considers the marketing, technology, organizational, administrative and financial aspects. Our goal is always to prepare the study that contributes to the project success and to help provide full awareness of the deteriorating conditions and all other elements.

Access to financing services

Our office will prepare a complete file that includes feasibility studies and all required documents and submit them to the relevant parties and follow up all the procedures and requirements required by these entities to obtain the required funding.

Other Administrative Services

It includes, for example, the following:

  • Designing work plans. These are prepared by a specialized team and supported by experts when needed to.
  • Preparation of financial and administrative regulations.
  • Issuing licenses for companies in the competent authorities.
  • Consolidation and liquidation of companies.
  • Project and companies evaluation.
  • Attract investors to new and existing projects.